No Fear by Nigel Ely

Author: Nigel Ely

Category: History, Politics and Culture

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The true story of deadly life after the SAS.

In No Fear, soldier Nigel Ely takes us from his high octane life in the Paras and SAS to Civvy Street where the name of the game is to think fast and shoot even faster.

The real revelation for Ely came when he set up in the security and surveillance business, which brought him hazards that army training could never anticipate: stakeouts in leafy suburbs, protecting Middle Eastern Royalty and the rich and famous.

This book delivers a slice of the exciting life of a former SAS man for hire – don’t miss it, you may learn something.

Nigel Ely lives in deepest Herefordshire where he lives a less complicated and idyllic life off grid as a forester and writer. He grows vegetables, generates his own power and harvests water.

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