Author: Peter Johnston

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HOW DO YOU NEGOTIATE with Wal-Mart? With America’s President over going to war? A pay raise from an intimidating boss? More money for a struggling start-up? Sweeping social change? Your own survival when you’re taken hostage by an armed killer? In this award-winning bestseller, you will travel across time through riveting, real-life David & Goliath stories?uncovering the secrets and strategies of successful smaller players so you, too, can get what you want against the odds.The chapter headers clearly outline stategies and tactics while making it easy to refer back to in the future, such as: • Apply the Right Habits• Execute the Right Strategies• Preserve Your Reputation• Shield Your Core Activities• Change How the Game Is Played • Plan to Walk Away • Use Shared Interests to Create Value"Very valuable...What you need to know to get a good deal on just about anything." -- CNN News, Issue #1"Whereas Getting to Yes provided the broad strokes of negotiation strategy, Mr. Johnston uses a finer brush to fill in an important corner of the canvas...Fans of Robert Greene's use of historical anecdotes in his best-selling 48 Laws of Power will recognize and enjoy a similarly informative and engaging storytelling style in Negotiating with Giants." --Jeff Davis, Embassy Magazine"If you feel like David looking up at Goliath, this insightful and entertaining book is now your best weapon--for individuals, entrepreneurs, smaller organizations and smaller nations." -- Mark Edwards, Founder and President, Spectrum Limited