Author: Dale J. Dwyer

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Do you work with or for a Perfectionist? A Manipulator? A Bully? A Control Freak? Other types of “needy” people?Every workplace has them. Often the needs of the people we work with can demand as much attention as the actual work we are supposed to be doing. If you have become frustrated and impatient dealing with your boss or one of your “needy” colleagues, this book is for you. Dr. Dwyer explores six challenges that make it difficult for people to work together:1. Lack of Emotional Control (i.e., Impatience, Anger Management, Bullying)2. Inability or Unwillingness to Delegate3. Poor Interpersonal Communication Skills4. Inability or Unwillingness to Deal with Conflict5. Tendency Toward Perfectionism6. Difficulty in Making DecisionsHe suggests that all six of these problems stem from extreme needs for control and approval. Needy People will help you understand the reasons underlying these behaviors and will fill your relational toolbox with ideas for managing these challenges. Get your copy today and begin to transform your difficult workplace relationships into productive ones!