Author: Chrissie Lee Kahan and Aaron Michael Kahan

Category: General Nonfiction

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Chrissie Kahan and Aaron Kahan flee to the beach after their latest fertility setback. The trials and tribulations they have undergone to become parents have worn them down. At the shore, they reflect on their harrowing journey and the harsh realities they faced.

Their story begins much earlier, when the couple fall in love. Both work in the educational system and both want to share their hearts and home with children. It doesn’t take long to realize that they are having trouble conceiving. Visits to the doctor confirm their fears: both Chrissie and Aaron have medical problems that affect their fertility. Both try surgery to correct their problems, but conception still doesn’t happen.

Chrissie and Aaron turn their sights to a different way to raise a child: the foster-care and adoption system. They are matched with two beautiful little girls, but their struggle isn’t over. As the two begin to process the change from fostering to adoption, they will face a foster-care system that doesn’t seem to care about their dreams or determination. The story that follows will show the love, hope, and perseverance of two people who never gave up on their goals.