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Who likes studying grammar? Probably not many people except the grammar nerds. You know who you are. If you’re looking for a grammar book that is more fun and enjoyable to read, look no further.Maybe you’re an ESL teacher, or maybe you’re an ESL student. Or perhaps you are a language enthusiast who wants to know more about grammar. Whoever you may be, you can find the answers to your deepest questions about grammar in this book.You may have been used to reading lengthy and stuffy explanations of prepositional phrases and noun phrases, using erudite academic vocabulary. Maybe even your teacher gave you boring lectures about grammar that were not very helpful to you. And you have forgotten the content of those lectures because they were so uninteresting. Or, perhaps you have been an ESL teacher struggling to understand the basic concepts of grammar so you can answer your students’ numerous questions about grammar.This book is entitled Natural Word Order in English because it provides answers to your grammar questions in a natural and fluent way so you can learn all you want to know about basic grammatical concepts. We want to emphasize how grammar is a natural thing and that in building basic and correct sentences, you will be able to use grammar in ways that will be effective and useful.In this book, you will discover:The basic structure of English sentencesVerb phrases and how to use a verb in a sentence, as well as where you can place the verb in the sentenceAn understanding of how to use a noun phrase in a sentence and the proper placement of the noun phrase in the sentenceHow to use phrasal verbs and prepositions of placeHow to use prepositions and prepositional phrasesHow to use adverbs and adjectives in a sentenceDifferent kinds of sentences, including simple, complex, compound, and compound-complex sentences and the word order you should use in each caseFlexible word orderMany examples and exercises to clearly illustrate all conceptsAnd much, much more!Even if you aren’t a grammar specialist or a student, you can learn a lot from this book and use the material in it to produce correct and well-constructed sentences. This is helpful for any kind of writing that you may do in your life.So, if you want to learn more things about grammar the natural way, then click "Add to cart" right now to upgrade your skills and be a better writer tomorrow!Buy the paperback edition and get for FREE e-book version with Kindle MatchBook