Author: Elena Miro

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Diversity and Inclusion doesn't have to be hard, complicated, and full of shame/guilt to be effective in our lives! What if we are inspired to focus on how to have meaningful progress instead of focusing on the things we are not doing well? In Justin’s decade-plus Human Resources work with clients from the Fortune 500 to fourth graders, he has learned that another approach to this critical conversation allows the reader not to be condemned but committed to real growth. This book is for Human Resources AND the everyday person who wants to build real relationships with others (including those who are different).

Diversity and Inclusion is not just something you have to do, but rather who you chose to be! In this book, Justin takes a vulnerable approach to tackle tough topics in compassionate ways, all while inspiring deep reflection. If you want to learn, grow, and make meaningful change, this book is for you no matter where you are on the journey. Walk with Justin as he gets to the heart of the conversation with his relevant stories, practical examples, and helpful strategies to make diversity and inclusion a part of our everyday lives! To be clear, diversity and inclusion is not a hand-holding exercise where we will always agree. Rather, it is when we can disagree yet still respect each other. It is when we can vehemently disagree with others' ideology and yet still passionately pursue their HUMANITY! Everyone is invited to this conversation.