My Hundred Days of War by Darrell Duthie

Author: Darrell Duthie

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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He just wanted to go home. The generals had other plans.
August 1918. Amiens, France. Allied armies have driven a massive hole in the German lines. But the enemy is regrouping. Major Malcolm MacPhail is an intelligence officer, a veteran of countless battles and too outspoken for his own good. Now he’s worried. Every Fritz on the Western Front seems headed their way, bent on preventing the breakthrough that might just end the war.

As the attack resumes and friends start to fall, Malcolm fears his own luck may finally be running out. It doesn’t help that he’s somehow stomped on another general’s toes. So when captured German booty goes mysteriously missing, and the nephew of an old nemesis appears with searching questions for him, the dangers at headquarters suddenly rival those of the battlefield.

The Great War is entering a pivotal and deadly new phase. For Malcolm, even victory may not be enough…

Military historical fiction for whom the history matters.

A Best Book of 2018 "This second adventure of WW1 Canadian intelligence officer Malcolm MacPhail is richly textured and atmospheric... Duthie has created a wonderfully convincing central hero, and he shades and deepens MacPhail expertly in this new book." -- Steve Donaghue, Open Letters Review

“An impressively researched and well written historical novel of Canada’s Hundred Days, 1918.” -- J.L. Granatstein, author of The Greatest Victory: Canada’s Hundred Days 1918