Author: David Pearson

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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A body found below a cliff is not what it seems, and a deadly heist is underway in this enjoyable Irish murder mystery

Whilst junior detectives rush to the scene of a

potential murder

near Roundstone, Connemara, an informant lets on to DCI Mick Hays that a

big robbery is about to take place

.With a large part of Galway’s police force mobilised to

catch the felons in the act

, resources are stretched. Will the robbers

walk into the trap

? Is the information reliable? Are they sufficiently prepared?Unresolved, the murder and the heist stand to leave egg on the face of the west coast of Ireland’s finest. And a group of dangerous criminals are set to

make off scot-free with the Christmas pay

.It will take

serious detective work

to convince the chief superintendent that Hays and his team are up to the task in hand. If things go pear-shaped DCI Hays’ upcoming

promotion will be jeopardised

. That and the reputation of the Garda itself.This book is a standalone, but it can also be enjoyed as part of the series featuring detectives Maureen Lyons and Mick Hays. The full list of books, in order of publication, is:1. MURDER ON THE BOG ROAD2. MURDER AT THE OLD COTTAGE3. MURDER ON THE WEST COAST4. MURDER AT THE PONY SHOW5. MURDER ON PAY DAY6. MURDER IN THE AIR7. MURDER AT THE HOLIDAY HOME8. MURDER ON THE PENINSULA9. MURDER AT THE RACES10. MURDER IN A SAFE HAVEN11. MURDER IN AN IRISH BOG12. MURDER IN A SEASIDE TOWN13. MURDER BY THE HIDDEN BAYAll of these books are FREE on Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback.