Author: Abigail Lynn Thornton

Category: Cozy Mystery

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A witch with a secret.

Cursed as a baby, Wynona's a witch with absolutely no powers, trying to survive in a world where magic means power.

All she wants is to open her teashop and enjoy a quiet existence, away from the public eye and her famous family, all while keeping her lack of magic to herself.

But her plans are interrupted when a murder occurs in her shop just days before the grand opening. Now, instead of being invisible, she’s at the top of the suspect list and spending her time dodging the police and desperately trying to clear her name with nothing but her wits to save her.

However, the closer she gets to answers, the more questions she has. Now, her entire life threatens to be turned upside down and if she’s not careful…she’ll find herself as the next target of the very criminal she’s after.

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