Author: Simon Brett

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Meet Mrs Melita Pargeter, a vivacious widow with a talent for solving mysteries.

Melita isn’t one for diets. She’s far too busy enjoying the finer things in life.

Even so, when her friend suggests a few days away at a health spa, Melita is happy to tag along. Provided fine wines and steak dinners can stay on the menu.

After all, no one ever died of a little rest and relaxation. Did they?

Melita spots the body of a fellow guest being wheeled out of the spa.

Everyone says it was the woman’s sparrow-like diet that killed her, but Melita’s not so sure.

She saw the terrified expression on the victim’s face before they wheeled her away.

What — or who — was she afraid of?

The truth may be murkier than a Dead Sea mud bath, but Melita’s determined to get to the bottom of it all.

Can she catch the killer before it’s too late?