Author: J.R. Pace

Category: Romance Books

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If you’re going to do something, do it in style.

And if you’re going to become a full-time writer, what better place to do it than Chamonix, a beautiful town in the heart of the French Alps?
While she writes her novel, Tess is working as a nanny to a kind, clever little boy. The only wrinkle in the plan is the boy’s very handsome and very single father, Damien.

He’s a single father, a protector, a hero. His heart is the only thing he can’t afford to give.

Damien Gray, commander of the Chamonix Search & Rescue unit, is used to being in control. After all, he and his team are responsible for safety on Mont Blanc, one of the highest and most dangerous mountains in Europe.
All semblance of control disappears when Jamie, his six-year-old son, and Tess, the boy’s nanny, go missing in the mountains. To get them back, and keep them safe, Damien needs to figure out who would want to hurt his son—and the woman he’s come to consider his.