Author: Wei San Tang

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Begin The Journey To Your Dream Now!Are you tired of thinking “about” your dream? Even making it your New Year’s Resolution but year by year, never making it happen?Are you overrun by the daily routine? Are you looking for something that can switch you from auto-pilot and help to awake that sleeping dream within you?Wei San Tang presents her humble journey to achieve her dream. The book is presented in a candid, sincere and humorous way that will inspire you to embark on your own journey.  In Mountain Dream, you will find:How answering the calling of a dream can take an ordinary person on an extraordinary journeyThat to reach your next destination you must embrace every experience on the journeyThat facing the uncomfortable takes courage, but growing in this way will make you a better personTangible ways to help spread positivity into the world, starting with ourselvesYou will be charmed and moved by Wei San’s stories and be challenged to start thinking about what you will do next?Mountain Dream will unlock the door to achieve your dream, give you the hope and motivation that you need. Turn a dream to reality and live a meaningful life.Don’t wait. Read this book now and embark on your journey!