Author: Teresa Porath

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Licensed child therapist, Teresa Porath introduces young readers to the value of developing a growth mindset while providing kid friendly strategies to overcome self-doubt and practice perseverance.In Morgan and the I CAN’T MOSTER: My Mindset Matters, readers watch Morgan’s growth mindset journey unfold and learn that thoughts have power and play a critical role in the way people cope with life’s challenges. Children witness the I CAN’T MONSTER gain power as Morgan becomes sad and frustrated when attempting new or difficult tasks. By watching Morgan overcome the I CAN’T MONSTER, young leaners develop an understanding that their abilities are not fixed, but can be developed through dedication and hard work. Through this creative story, children gain a better understanding of the power of yet, the benefit of learning from their mistakes, and the importance of believing in themselves.Once children realize that they have control over the way they think about their obstacles by strengthening their growth mindset, they have the power to do great things!