Author: M.J. Marstens

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Monsters are real.I’ve seen them.Felt them.

Fled from them.

Fifteen years later and I still have nightmares of the


that used to live under my bed—the diabolical ringleader with fiery red eyes who brought his friends to torment me. Crazy and unhinged, but nothing compared to the one with blazing yellow eyes who pretended to be my friend. And the worst of them all, the one with relucent green eyes, who was silent but always watching.

Waiting to strike.

I traveled halfway around the world to outrun my demons. My last memory of them is their taunting laughter filling my ears. Except, they’re waiting for me. Forced to return home to help my dying father, I have nowhere to hide. My monsters won’t leave me alone unless I give them what they want.They’re hungry—


—but now that I’m grown up, they don’t want to eat me.

They want to breed me.

Fifteen years ago, I wanted nothing more than to escape them.But now…A part of me wants to join them—

submit to them.

Will I ever vanquish my night terrors, or will I just become another notch on their bedpost?


is book one in the


series. MONSTERS IN MY BED and MONSTERS FROM MY BED will complete the trilogy.