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? Stop and think about the following... Everything you have ever bought has been paid for with your time, with time from your own life: every cup of coffee, every new wardrobe item, latest gadget, newer smartphone, bigger TV, more powerful car. Three minutes, two hours, five days, seven weeks, three months, six years etc. These are, however, the price tags which are measured not in terms of dollars, but in terms of your time spent working and earning these dollars in order to buy yet another ‘extremely important’ thing for you. ? Such an insight is shocking, is it not?Welcome to the modern world! We are now all used to living this way. This has become the norm. And the key question is – are you doing this consciously, or unconsciously?This book will provide you with the key to the door of a financially-conscious life. You are the only one who can decide whether or not you will pass through this door. If you show the courage to do so, you will learn not just how to optimize your debts, correctly plan your budget, and distribute your private finances, but also you will realize and understand the true value of things. These skills will allow you to spend your money consciously, on what is truly important for you.? Open this door right now, and pass on through!