Mollie’s Magical Tooth by Jana Buchmann

Author: Jana Buchmann, Lara Korotenko

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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A tooth, a fairy and a problem in Magic Land…Oh no! Unicorns have lost their joy, the leprechauns can’t find their gold, and the magical fish have disappeared - all because the magic rainbow has lost its color!But how can little Mollie possibly help?A magically illustrated story about what happens to our teeth when they fall out. Young children love to ride along the journey with Mollie.Mollie’s Magical Tooth is designed to spark your child’s imagination and fill them with wonder, making it a brilliant story to add to your collection. Kids will be excited to color some partly colored pages in the book and help Mollie bring back the colors with their creativity and imagination.Scroll up and grab this magical adventure for your young reader today!
Reviews:This book will charm you and your little one!
Mollie is adorable and generous to boot. Her generosity will inspire that quality in your child as she got such remarkable results. The illustrations are bright and beautiful. I particularly enjoyed the baked in message of having your child use her imagination and creativity. So much to love about Mollie's magical tooth.
- Barbara Glazier-Robinson Ph.D. on Amazon

Magical Storybook
This story tells a beautiful, magical tale. I loved the wonderful pictures, and the color is brilliant with tremendous detail. There are even a couple of pages kids can color themselves. (Part of the story)
I have always been partial to tales of magic, and this story spills over. I highly recommend this book to children, especially those with wiggly teeth.
- Author Tina Marie Young

Imagination Galore!
A child's imagination is a wonderful thing and this adorable book fosters all the magic! Beautiful illustrations, easy flowing story, and a great message of helping others. There is even a link at the back of the book to the author's website where you can download a free booklet for some awesome ideas on how to boost your child's imagination. Very well done!
- MS on Amazon