Author: Jason Petersen and Aarti Patel

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Fables encourage kids to think about the question, "What would you do?" They're not simply dry lessons on how to live life, but rather imaginative adventures with clever outcomes. Adults need fables too! Modern Day Fables presents eleven stories that ask the reader to dive in to the modern day dilemma at hand.

-Would you rather live in a screen or in the real world?
-Would you join a club that promises to take all your pain away?
-Would you indulge a magical looking pharmaceutical pill that brings you to a new level of enlightenment and eliminates all anxiety in life?

Not everything is as it appears on the surface. Bend, twist, and unfold reality through these fables that ultimately question the status quo and ask both the adult and kid in you: What would you do?