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Save Space & Save TimeDo you want a successful garden or mini farm in your backyard?Do you not know where to start to create a sustainable organic garden? Do you worry that your garden won’t be something to be proud of? A sustainable organic garden is within reach. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a successful garden or a successful mini farm because this book can help you either way. You can create a sustainable organic garden right in your backyard that you can be proud of with crops that are producing a high and healthy yield. From fruits to vegetables, you can have organic crops that rival anything that you can find at the organic aisle in the store. From making your own fertilizer and compost, to choosing livestock for manure, to maximizing your space and utilizing every inch of what you have, this book can help you along the way. Creating a sustainable organic garden in your backyard doesn’t have to be hard, and with the tips and tricks found in this book it’s even easier. Everything you need to get started is found in this book. From tips and tricks to a guide on the best soil and plants to actually plant, you’ll get suggestions on it all. Learn how to control pests, weeds, organically fertilize your plants, and get the most out of the plants you decide to plant. Learn how to create a sustainable and organic garden. You Will Learn Mini Farming StrategiesWhat Mini Farming Actually IsLearning How to Maximize Your SpaceA Little More About Containers & Maximizing SpaceThe Types of Plants that Work BestA Little Bit about Soil TypesControlling Weeds Organically & PreemptivelyThe Importance of Organic Pest ControlLivestock Options & How They Help with PlantsA Helpful Routine Means a Good HarvestDownload this book to find out how you can build a successful organic mini garden you can be proud of.