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This is the last job search book you will ever need.

Are you bored or burned out? Tired of chaotically searching for jobs? Wishing you had the freedom to work for yourself- but you don't?Do you need a map that gets you from

fatigued to fulfilled

in a way that honors your deepest needs... without going back to school, taking an enormous pay-cut, or wading through hundreds of rejection letters?In this step-by-step and thoughtful guide, Melissa McClung presents a

proven solution

that will help you navigate your career opportunities now and for decades to come.In

Mind Your Career

, you will find:

Simple self-discovery tools to identify your intersection of passion and profitabilityBest practices for LinkedIn and developing meaningful professional relationships- even with strangersA call to action that helps you ask for the job you want with success.

Mind Your Career

equips readers with the keys to navigating passion at work through mid-career

so you never have to settle

and can

live the free and passionate life of an entrepreneur

even when you work for someone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not looking for a job immediately, but I would be willing to accept a good offer if I had one, is this for me?A: Yes! You don't have to actively move jobs tomorrow. This is a process that, honestly, takes time to develop. This is how you set up a system that allows you to make your next transition whether that is in 4 months or 24 months (or longer).Q: What if I don't have a LinkedIn account yet?A: No problem, I'll walk you through how to set up your profile and use both the public and private side of LinkedIn even if you don't like social media or don't want your current boss to know you are looking for work.Q: How do you know what you're talking about?A: I am a career coach with over 12 years of experience and have supported hundreds of clients through launching new careers, determining what's next, and using this exact process to find the job that they are most passionate about.Q: What if I want remote-only work or want less-than-full-time work?A: This is a perfect way of finding opportunities without having to stand out in a stack of 1000+ applicants or hoping that you can later convince them to reduce hours or offer flexibility.Q: What if I do want to work for myself-- will this book teach me how?A: Yes and no. You will need to know how to do this process if you want to make money in your business, but this isn't a primer for starting your own business.Q: What if I just got laid off?A: This process takes a little longer than you might need, but pick it up now because you can skim my "find a job fast" recommendations at the end. Also, connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm a real person and I'll really talk to you.Q: What if I don't live in the United States but want to find a job in the United States?A: If you don't have work authorization for the United States, this process looks different. It can help you if you are searching for employer sponsorship and have a temporary work visa (H-1B), but it may not be the best choice if you are looking to immigrate.