Millie and the Marksman by Kari Trumbo

Author: Kari Trumbo

Category: Romance Books

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A baker, a doctor, and his miscreant brother all want safety restored to Redemption Bluff, but for very different reasons.

Baker Millie Coco just wants Hawk Bauer out of her life for good. He’s the head of the ruthless Bauer gang, but also the brother to the town doctor. A man who wants her affections. Millie would rather have neither man, but agrees to convince Hawk his life could be better on this side of the jail cell.

Hawk Bauer’s name, earned through gun battles and a long string of crime, is his most prized possession. When he’s shot and winds up in the small settlement of Redemption Bluff, he finds a brother he thought was dead, and worse, he’s thrown off the family name. An insult that cuts deeper than the abandonment. To spite his brother, Hawk vows to steal the woman he loves. But will Millie’s charm prove too strong even for Hawk?

Start this sweet, romantic, western series filled with hope and second chances.
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