Author: Alice Burrell

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Make your own milk soap and say goodbye to big spending forever!

Are you interested in trying milk soap making for the first time?Or an experienced soap maker looking for new and interesting recipes?This book is a practical soap-making guide on how the soap-making process works and how to make natural milk soap at home using goat, cow, coconut, and almond milk. This guide is perfect for kickstarting your soap-making journey!In this book, you will:

Learn why milk is used in soap makingDiscover thorough and well-detailed information and advice from an expertLearn all about the benefits of the different types of milkDiscover lists of oils and butters that are best for milk soapsMaster making milk soaps with a variety of ingredientsLearn how to package and preserve your products

With this helpful guide, making milk soaps will be a breeze. Regardless of whether you’re a commercial soap producer or just an enthusiast who loves to experiment in their kitchen, the information provided in this book is relatable and easy to understand.

So click the “add to cart” button and learn how to make milk soaps that are specially customized to your personal preferences from the comfort of your home.