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Travel to Mexico Trough the Food, Discover How to Prepare Mexican Recipes and Cook Delicious Mexican Dishes, All of That while Staying in your Kitchen! Discover Typical Food and Learn How to Prepare and Taste it!Mexican food has some of the most loved and delicious dishes, and with this book I want you to immerse yourself in this amazing cuisine!It is full of spices, hot and delicious sauces, and a wide variety of recipes, for beginners and advanced chef.This book is an intuitive guide that starts from the basics and brings you to master more elaborated recipes: you will learn how to prepare homemade Nachos, Tortillas, Mexican sauces and much more.Choose your favorite foods in a wide spectrum of quick and more sophisticated recipes!In this cookbook you will find:40+ Different Recipes9 Recipes for your Own Homemade Ingredientsa Wide Range of Different Appetizers Recipes4 Different Tacos Recipes5 Delicious Burrito Recipesa Brief Explanation of Mexican Cuisine HistoryMexican food is not just food, it is a whole lifestyle that you will slowly discover, and once you will learn how to master its ingredients, you will start to cook delicious recipes that no other cuisine can offer.If you’re ready to immerse yourself in this cuisine, and you want to become a real Mexican chef, Scroll Up and Click the "BUY NOW" Button to Get Your Copy NOW!