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Are you trying to find reasonable creative possibilities for an activity for your beloved four-legged friend?

Games are essential for dogs to remain in physical and mental shape. Your dog can do more than offer paws and needs a higher quantity of exercise.

There is an extensive range of indoor and outdoor activities to keep your dog happy, healthy, and fit for a long time. This dissipates boredom and brings true momentum into your daily life and the life of your hairy nose.

Are you still trying to find creative ideas to make him play?

Then this book will offer you precisely what you are trying to find!

Spending funny and educational time with your dog is extremely easy! You don't need professional tools or being a professional trainer.

It doesn't also matter if you have a small or large dog, no matter what breed it is: in this book, you will undoubtedly find a suitable game for every dog!

So, enjoy your time with your four-legged friend and strengthen your bond with it even more!

In this book, you will discover:

• Why Playing Is So Important To Dogs, both for a correct mental activation and to stimulate muscle parts that, alternatively, would not use.

• Why Dogs Need To Be Healthy, Fit, And Happy to ensure a satisfying life and a correct interaction with their owners.

• Different Levels of Exercises, divided into Basic, Intermediate, and Brain Games.

• One Hundred Varied And Creative Game Ideas that will ensure a great time together!

• An Entire Chapter On Activities Between Dogs & Children, so that you can understand the relationship between them must be based on mutual respect and care; only in this way can an actual friendship be built, which can last a lifetime.

• … & Much More!

There are many good reasons to make the game a daily habit: dogs need to apply their intelligence, and if they have no occasion and get bored, they try to keep busy gnawing the furniture, tearing curtains and carpets, eating slippers; doing fun activities together makes the dog happy and satisfied and you serene and relaxed.

The dog's brain is endowed with a high intuitive and receptive power, which is precisely what allows you to communicate with him in a highly productive and effective way, and... that makes you love him so much!

It’s all about stimulating him and training him the right way to reach the peak of his intellectual abilities.

What are you waiting for?

Start today to build an active and fit life for your beloved four-legged friend! At the same time, your dog will benefit, but you will also remain healthy in a playful way!

Order Your Copy NOW And Start Playing Smart Games With Your Beloved Four-Legged Friend!