Author: Marina Lazaris

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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You’ve been screwing yourself over. And not the earth-shattering orgasmic kind. The kind where you’ve been playing the victim. And that’s the real reason she’s just not that into you. Not anymore. Because it’s not about how you get the girl. It’s how you keep her around.Welcome to a man’s simple guide to sex and relationships.Got it all going on, yet struggling to master love, sex and relationships? Break free from victimhood and unlock thesecrets to a more fulfilling life with this empowering guide, crafted for men ready to get back in the driver’s seat.This candid and compassionate book takes you behind the scenes, with 40 straight-talking answers to your most burningquestions. Ditch societal narratives that box you into a narrow view of masculinity, and dig into a perspective that seesstrength in the imperfections that make you human. “Men Need Love Too” leaves no stone unturned, guiding you to become the Catch of a Lifetime and build meaningful connections. Dive into the complexities of being ‘masculine’ in a modern world, navigate the tricky terrain of loving and connecting with both yourself and others, and get practical guidance on how to approach sex (and the ex!) with grace.With a sprinkle of humour and light-hearted tone, “Men Need Love Too” is the ultimate companion, making navigating theseintimate topics accessible and enjoyable. Say goodbye to uncertainty, embrace a more authentic approach to life’s challenges, and step into the life you deserve. It starts with love, because men need love too.Embrace it, leave fear in the rear-view mirror, and watch your world transform.