Author: Brian Fitzpatrick

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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"Buckle up and let your imagination go wild with this instant sci-fi classic!" –Indie's Today15-year-old Jake London's ideal teen life is thrown into chaos when he discovers the ability to telepathically control a swarm of shape-shifting nanotechnology that has, until recently, lain dormant in his DNA. With Mechcraft, Jake can summon liquid metal through his pores to create any object he can imagine.But he's not alone. A secret world opens to him, revealing a hidden society of fellow Mechcrafters entrenched in a war between three factions vying for dominance.Being the first person born with the nanotech, Jake becomes caught in the center of the warring factions' schemes, each believing his potential power will be the wildcard to deliver victory. Now, with Mechcraft agents, Bex and Trent, escorting him, and a horde of enemies in pursuit, Jake finds himself in a desperate race to safety.Will the agents be able to get Jake to their headquarters? Or will sinister faction leader, Sasha, exploit his power?