Meant to Be by Kat Bammer

Author: Kat Bammer

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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The polar opposite of no-strings-attached and easy? An unexpected pregnancy.

Blake is content with his life. He’d served the community as a Navy SEAL, now all he wants is to run his bar and enjoy a quiet, peaceful life in Moon Lake…
…the occasional hookup included.
And the pretty new girl that doesn’t want any strings attached? Could life be any better?

When Claire came to Moon Lake she had one plan: Leave her heartbreaking past behind and be the best co-owner of her friend's family Inn the town has ever seen.
Not part of that plan: fall instantly-in-lust with the hottest, most badass bar owner in town,
and... ending up pregnant.

Long buried demons rear their ugly heads for both of them, and the easy times are officially over.

The meddling small-town-folks sticking their noses into not-their-damn-business don't help.
Neither do their super helpful, very overbearing group of friends, or Blake's Navy SEAL buddies.

Some serious soul-searching and major groveling might help, though.

But to make things worse, a mysterious child appears alone in the woods behind Blake’s cabin.

And winter is coming.

Will Blake find the child before the snow arrives?
Can love heal long-buried wounds and overcome deep-seated fears?

This terrific mixture of mystery, heartache, and romance features a woman with a past, a former Navy SEAL turned bar-owner who meets the woman who captures his heart - and runs.
And their bumpy road to HEA, with plenty of friends to lean on and talk some sense into them and just about all the small-town-charm they can handle.