Author: Robyn Brooks

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Eating healthily is easier than you think. It simply requires a bit of forward thinking – and the right guidance, of course. Read on to find out more...

Global studies show that 45% of people are actively trying to lose weight… So with so many of us trying to do it, why is it so difficult?

The answer is simply this: The pace of daily life doesn’t allow it.

You’re juggling your family, your work life, your social life, and a thousand other things… So if making healthy food choices falls by the wayside, it’s little wonder – and you’re certainly not alone.

For many people, following a fad diet seems like the perfect solution – a clear plan to follow that takes the thinking out of mealtimes.

But the problem is, fad diets don’t work – and if you’ve ever tried one, you’ll know that you spend most of the time hungry and irritable… and once you finish the diet, the weight just creeps right back on.

The only way to true, sustainable weight loss is through lifestyle change – and that means making healthy eating a life choice rather than a temporary solution. And the secret to doing that at the same time as raising a family and managing your workload… is meal prep.

When you prepare your meals on a weekly basis, you remove the possibility of grabbing unhealthy quick fixes on the go.

It might seem like a tall order when your schedule’s already bursting at the seams, but when you know the secrets to hassle-free meal prep and you can get dinner on the table in minutes, you’ll find you’ll get back every second you spend upfront.

This clear and comprehensive guide will help you streamline your meal prep so you’re in and out of the kitchen quickly. Inside, you’ll discover:

The research-backed benefits of meal prepping for weight lossThe essential components of a weight-loss-friendly meal plan (including the surprising mineral you’ve probably been overlooking)Must-have tools and equipment you need to make meal prep a piece of (healthy!) cakeA complete list of foods that lend themselves well to advance preparationThe ‘once-and-done’ meal prep plan – prepare a week’s worth of meals in just 3-4 hoursThe ‘power hour’ meal prep plan (because sometimes you just don’t have those 3-4 hours)The ‘batch prepping’ meal plan – plus a special hybrid plan that combines all 3 key meal prep plansPractical plans and charts you can fill in to make whichever plan you choose work for youA vulnerable account of the author’s own weight loss journey (complete with pictures) so you can achieve the same astounding resultsMotivation hacks and techniques to keep you on track every step of the wayKitchen hints and code-breakers to demystify all temperatures, weights, and measurementsA wealth of healthy and delicious recipes that can be incorporated into any plan

And much more.

If you’ve given up all hope of ever reaching your target weight, it’s time to ditch the diet and reassess.

Weight loss isn’t about going hungry or forcing yourself into unsustainable eating patterns. It’s about making healthy eating an integral part of your life… And fast and efficient meal prep is the secret.

Finally achieve your weight loss goals… without the stress or the hunger pangs: Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.