Author: Matt James

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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On the heels of their amazing discovery under the Sahara, Hank Boyd and his team find themselves in another precarious situation. This time they must stop Zero, the shadowy organization that violently hunted them in Algeria, from releasing an ancient and deadly weapon. The target? All of humanity. Starting with Washington D.C.From the Yucatan to the streets of D.C., Hank and company must try to find a way to prevent the potential catastrophe. Time is running out as an enemy from mankind’s past, aided by someone from Kane’s, tries to continue the work set into motion millennia ago.Will they succeed in stopping Zero before the fall of the human race? If they don’t… The world will crumble to ash and be extinguished by an all-consuming darkness.Following James' critically acclaimed debut, Blood and Sand, the first book in the Hank Boyd series, Mayan Darkness continues the story at an even faster and more in-your-face pace. Buckle up and hold on tight.