Author: Robert Szentes

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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This practical workbook shares the proven recipe of the unconscious mind's destructive belief patterns and show why we have problems in our lives.

This book also helps you develop the necessary vocabulary, so you can speak directly to your unconscious mind, get the healing and the lasting results you want!

Most people have no idea that they are speaking an incorrect language to their body, to their heart, and to their mind, and that’s why they have money, health and relationship problems.

When you get to know your own mind, and you learn the language to communicate with it, you will stop looping in painful stories and you’ll see the true cause of your problems.

That gives you the ability to bounce back quickly and grow into the person you were meant to be.

But, you have to be disciplined and keep pushing. Your inner development is a tough journey and if you want to overcome your problems, you have to stick to things. Most people quit everything half-way through and that's how they recreate their failures.

The topics I listed in this book have been researched and practiced for over twelve years and helped thousands of people around the world heal even the seemingly "unsolvable" problems.

When you learn these “inner connections” and the logic of the unconscious mind, you will not waste decades of your life in a hopeless search.

You will be able to go past the problems with ease and see what is lurking behind them and underneath them and fix them with record speed.

Then you can create a life that is of lasting happiness and joy and you will be able to sustain it since the unconscious sabotaging patterns have been dissolved for good.