Author: Hunter Freeman, Kendall Wernet

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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Dedicating four to six years of your life in college pursuing a degree can be tough. But what good does that do you if you can't get a job after you graduate? Universities aid in solving this problem by hosting career fairs for employers to meet with prospective who are searching for that perfect job upon graduation. But what do you say to these employers? What do they want to hear? What questions should you be asking? What’s a career fair like? All these intimidating questions and many more, is what rises to the forefront of any person’s mind when they embark on participating in a career fair. This book will take you on an explicit journey to help you master some very important steps to increase your chances of landing that job. In this book, we cover three vital stages you must master to succeed in your job search:We show you how to master a career fair and uncover a proven method that less than 1% of candidates have discovered.We give you an inside look into the different types of interview styles you might encounter and how to approach and conquer them.We give you guidance from a philosophical point of view when it comes to deciding what job is right for you.Unlock the mysteries of any career fair with this book and land the job of your dreams.