Author: Logan Bryant

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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If you've ever promised yourself you would achieve a goal, only to find three weeks later that you've made absolutely no progress whatsoever, this book is for you. Gaining control of your mental state is not something that comes naturally. We humans are distracted creatures, with our attention pulled toward objects that bring us pleasure. In a world of abundant pleasures, it has become more and more difficult to make short term sacrifices for our own long-term progress. In MASTER YOUR MIND, author and attorney Logan Bryant breaks down the process of abandoning these distractions and becoming more disciplined and focused. Dividing this book into easy to read parts, he first explains the neuroscience behind how you make decisions, then teaches you how to work within that process to cultivate habits in tandem with your brain’s inner workings.Forcing yourself to accomplish a task can be grueling and unrewarding. But cultivating a system of disciplined focus enables you to reach your goals, and allows your brain to work in the way it evolved to work. Life should not be the pursuit of productivity, but the pursuit of balance. A balanced brain is the most productive brain. MASTER YOUR MIND is an indispensable guide to anyone who wants the best of both worlds.