Author: Thoranna Jonsdottir

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Do you feel lost when it comes to marketing your startup or small business, not knowing where to begin or what to do?Marketing Untangled is the first in a series of books written to untangle the subject of marketing for small business and entrepreneurs. Having worked with hundreds of businesses, Thoranna offers a clear path through the marketing jungle consisting of five main elements which provide the key to a powerful marketing program for businesses of all sizes and industries. Based on practical experience yet firmly grounded in academic research, Thoranna manages to explain things in a practical, jargon-free way that enables you to put the principles to use in your business straight away and achieve results.In this book you will learn:- Why trying to sell to everyone is not a good idea and how to find the ideal target groups to focus on, to save time, effort and money- Why you really need to know your competition so you can help people choose you over them- How building a strong brand can supercharge your business, and why it’s not just for the big boys with huge budgets!- The four things that determine which marketing communication methods will be most effective for your business - What the ingredients of an effective marketing system are so you can start getting this whole marketing thing done!BONUS! Join the Marketing Untangled Series community on Facebook where Thoranna answers your marketing questions! About the Author:Thoranna K. Jonsdottir holds an MBA with Distinction from the University of Westminster in London. Thoranna’s many years of marketing and branding experience with global advertising, IT and finance industries led her in 2008 to create her own marketing consultation business for startups and small business owners. It is her greatest passion to use her creativity and ingenuity in helping entrepreneurs to realize their potential and their dreams. Marketing Untangled—the first in an entire series of books on marketing strategy—is the culmination of Thoranna’s work. Make Sure You Don’t Miss the Following Books in the Series:- Target Groups Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur's Guide to Finding and Knowing Your Ideal Target Groups- Competition Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur's Guide to Knowing Your Competition- Branding Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur's Guide to Branding Your Business- Marketing Communications Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur's Guide to Choosing the Right Marketing Communications Tools- Marketing Systems Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur's Guide to Setting Up an Effective Marketing System