Author: Dawn Merriman

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Can a dead serial killer still hunt me?
The body of the young woman left near my remote cabin looks like my murdered daughter. Even the mark carved in her chest is the same - the same scar carved into my own chest. He left her for me to discover - a grisly gift.
For two years, I’ve survived alone, hiding to protect myself from the grief of losing my family to the serial killer I hunted as a detective. The ghosts of my dead family keep me company, visiting nightly, keeping me sane – or maybe not.
The dead girl in my woods is not a ghost. She's as real as her blood on the snow and obviously killed by the same man that butchered my family.
But that man has been dead for two years.
Who – or what – hunts me now?
Can I find the courage, the faith and the sanity to conquer him again?