Author: Michele McGrath

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Box Set of three best-selling novels.

Travel back in time to an age where knowledge was magic and people roamed the seas looking for a better life.

Praise for Manannan Trilogy:

The historical details are well-researched and the mood of the novels reflect the superstitions and hardships of the time. The characters are engaging and believable, and Ms McGrath really makes the reader care for them. These stories will stay with me for a while.


I didn't want it to end.


"He came in a long prowed boat, sea mist trailing after him like a swirling cloak." This, the first sentence of Michele McGrath's Manannan's Magic, told me that I was going to read something just a cut above the average. The Manannan Trilogy is a series of three historical romances set in the Isle of Man at the time of the Viking settlement and incursions.

M Robbins

These three novels follow the fortunes of a family, Manannan, his daughter, Niamh, and his granddaughter, Emer. All three possess the ability to see into the future, which leads them into strange adventures.

??? Manannan's Magic

Fantasy winner UK Authors Opening Pages Competition 2008

??? Niamh of the Golden Hair

“But who am I? What am I? Why does any mention of my father arouse such fear?”

“Because you're a witch, like your father and his mother before him.”

Terrified of her father's powers if she comes to harm, Niamh's uncle arranges a marriage for her far away from her family home but she never arrives.

??? Emer's Quest

Emer has inherited her grandfather Manannan's ability to dream about future events. Foreseeing that her father, Olaf, will be shipwrecked on Staffa, Emer tries to stop him sailing but she is too late. Persuading her friends to go after him, they rescue one of his companions but Olaf has already been sold as a slave. A trader, Atli, discovers Emer's ability to dream and promises to rescue her father if she will marry one of his sons and use her gift for the good of his family.

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