Author: Ken Ross

Category: Romance Books

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Jerry and his gals, Patsy and Erica, return to Crickenville with not too fond memories of the grim Ohio town. This time they're in for a different kind of surprise as they meet Mama, who turns out to be more than an attractive forty-something woman. Mama has a host of secrets, and her secrets aren't too pleasant. She's a liar even though she's another fine body to have fun with. Hey, and she can introduce them to a couple of interesting strangers if Jerry and the gals have the wherewithal to conduct a daring rescue. As usual, it's non-stop sex for the adventurous threesome, and they soon learn that three bodies could very easily become six bodies. Wow! A scorching read in the style of WASTED PAIN, PROTECTION, BODIES & BROKEN SISTERS with a tear-jerking ending saved for the last lines.