Author: Ellen Deakin

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8 fantastic paper craft creations for you to make and wear. Templates included at the back of your book - A classic black top hat, a Steampunk top hat, a Burlesque number, a Circus ring master's hat, a lucky St Patrick's day hat, a Valentine's day hat and a spooky Bug Halloween hat.Happythought mini paper top hats - a brief history:When I first set my heart on wearing a mini top hat I had a few hurdles to overcome! Firstly, the party was that day, secondly a quick trip to the local shops turned up nothing satisfactory, thirdly, I'm not a big one for sewing and didn't have the know-how or supplies to make a fabric hat.Then the idea struck to make a paper top hat. I made up a quick maquette, then got to work on the design on my computer, finally printing out my little burlesque creation. A few snips and the wave of a glue stick and a darling little hat was ready. I secured it safely to my head with a bobby pin and was good to go. When my fellow party goers saw my handy work I was swiftly commissioned to make two more. And so we set off to the party feeling dandy and in high spirits and it's safe to say the hats were a big hit at the party.About the AuthorAlong with her husband Harry Ellen runs Happythought, an online store and blog full of craft ideas and fun printable paper crafts. As well as being beautifully designed Happythought printables can be made using common-or-garden scissors and a glue stick and are fun and easy to make.