Author: Chariss K. Walker

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Winner of 7 awards for inspirational and devotional, including the coveted 2009 Mom's Choice Award. Voted best in inspirational affirmations. This book explores Spiritual Laws and how they apply to daily life through liberal scriptural references. Make a Joyful Noise, named "Most Inspirational/Motivational" Book of the Year in the Mom's Choice Awards 2009, was written to bridge the gap between all world religions and what is sometimes called "New Age" or "Prosperity" thought.Through the ages, man has either sought to understand or destroy God for lack of understanding who God is. Some call the knowledge of God a mystery; that which can only be grasped by great or educated minds.Today, we have thousands of ancient manuscripts leaving signs, including the Bible. There is a myriad of recorded testimony that paints many pictures. Yet scholars, theologians, and historians of every culture and religion argue as to their meaning and relevance.You may wonder how, if the professionals cannot agree, you are expected to make sense of it all?In Make a Joyful Noise: Searching for a Spiritual Path in a Material World, Chariss K. Walker, M.Msc., an award-winning author and Reiki Master/Teacher, uses liberal Biblical references and famous quotes to explain Spiritual Laws, their relevance in your life, and how to put them into practical use without destroying your present convictions.Terminology is irrelevant! God wants what you want.When you understand this, you will make your own joyful noise!Don't miss Make a Joyful Noise Study Guide, a home-study course as a companion to this book. ASIN: B00579Z3OM