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Are you looking for a new hobby that can also become a source of income?If yes, then keep reading.If you’re a beginner, Macramé may seem complicated and it can definitely be overwhelming to get started.However, with the proper guidance even a kid can produce outstanding creations that will make his friends beg to buy them!Unlike other wire jewelry or knitting and crocheting, Macramé projects can be easily completed on the go.You won't need rolls of wire and assorted equipment to work on your designs, with nothing more than a sturdy clipboard and some very basic supplies you can comfortably work in your lap.In fact, one of the great advantages of this hobby is that with a limited investment in equipment and materials you can get started with your craft.Among other topics, in this book you’ll learn how to select the right form of Macramé cord, calculate the appropriate amount of cords to use and what knots to use in order to create the perfect Macramé pattern.But first… a bit of history!Th? art ?f Macramé has Arabian origins and goes back to th? thirteenth ??ntur?. It b???m? ???ul?r with th? Briti?h during th? nin?t??nth ??ntur? and it w?? renewed in the 1960s and '70?.Macrame is a great art and for good reasons has made a huge comeback: it's easy to know, it's cheap, and it's simple to do.Moreover, Macrame projects call for few resources and demand materials without any chemicals or fumes so it's an earth-friendly, natural ability without a doubt.Are you wondering if this book is for you?This book is best for:Beginners who want to get started with a step by step guidanceExperienced Macramé artists who want to get new ideasA gift for Macramé loversIn this book you’ll discover:What is MacramèBasic Knot and TechniquesIt's Not Like The Seventies!Diy Macramé KitsA Special Macramé PatternHow to Read and Follow Simple Patterns and DesignsHow to Earn With Your Creation With Etsy?Step By Step Macramé ProjectsAnd much more........You will be knotting your way to beautiful bits in no time with this step-by-step guide for beginners.Ready to get started?Scroll up and click on the “Buy Now” button!