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? Are you a creative person and looking for something to do to relax a little, after whole days spent between work and family? ?? Eager to create something with your own hands: something beautiful and tangible? ?? Do you love to decorate your house and would like to design something unique and handmade to go proud of? ?? You’ve heard of macramé, but you have no idea where to start? ?

If the answer is


, then keep on reading because

this is the perfect Guide for you!


is an

ancient art

consisting of

knotting threads and cords to create ornamental plots with an Arabic character

. If you are interested in this topic, the

first step

to understanding the Macramè is

to understand the basic knots

.This Guide will provide you with the tools

you need to find the solution

and make the art of



Each project is a tutorial

: all you have to do is

follow some simple instructions

to be able to make it (and this also applies to the most difficult ones).The

essential nodes

will be described to realize different projects to decorate the house or the garden,

facilitating learning with simple descriptions and many detailed image



Macramè, besides being an art, is a

simple and relaxing pastime

and should be lived with interest, to enjoy it till the end. In addition,

you can create small masterpieces

to give, making original and personal gifts, or even

sell online.

Inside this Guide, you will discover


What The Art Of Macramé Is and how it helps you rediscover harmony and well-being.A Detailed Section with all the suitable Materials And Tools Needed To Get StartedA Deep Description Of The Basic Knots, accompanied by detailed, good-quality images explaining each step.Tips and Tricks to take your macramè to the next levelMacrame Projects described in detail and accompanied by good quality pictures that describe all the steps and the final result; micro-macramé projects includedFAQs Section And List Of Mistakes To Avoid to save Time and Money ... & Lot More!

If you read this book

to the end and apply all its information,

you will be able to complete each project in few days

, even if you have never done knots in your life, and without ever getting bored!

Are you ready to fill your home with many creative projects?

Unleash endless creativity, calm your mind and soul, and do something beautiful today!

??? Order Your Copy NOW and Let Your Creativity Begin! ???