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Do you adore the free-spirited bohemian look that was popular in the 1970s?

Have you ever entertained the thought of making goods by hand, such as jewellery, handbags, or clothing?

If this is the case, you must consider trying your hand at macramé.

Consider for a second how you may incorporate elements of macramé into the various aspects of your life. Do you have a succulent that you'd want people to see? Make a simple plant hanger. Do you have a wall that’s crying out to be decorated in a boho style? Make a wall hanging and see how good you are at it. Do you wish to experience the feeling of being a part of Victorian Historical Romances? You'll be able to learn how to make macramé lace the same way people did in 1882.

It's all about having fun while making something that you could be pleased with and proud of.

In addition to giving you a historical overview, it also guides you through the foundations of macramé using color-coded diagrams, comprehensive instructions, and basic starter patterns. These patterns range from small pieces of jewellery to reasonable plant hangers to a variety of full-scale hammocks.

You need to be knowledgeable about the different knots if you want to be the master at macramé. Since the knots go from simple to sophisticated, it is a helpful tool for both aspiring and experienced macramé artists.

Projects are also provided so you may put your acquired knowledge to work. These projects include instructions for making jewellery, handbags, wall hangings, as well as other things. It also helps that it is beautifully designed, with appealing fonts and amazing photos.

This book will teach you:

The True History of Macramé (With Several Interesting Facts you were not aware of)The many tools and materials you will require (So You Could Start Your Projects)The Most Popular, Eye-Catching, and Powerful Macramé Knots: How to Tie Those (Using These Knots, You Can Make Almost Any Project You Want)Numerous Beautiful Macramé Projects Can Be Made Using These Instructions (For Planters, Accessories, For Holidays, And More)& A Lot More

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