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<<< The #1 Macramé 7 In 1 Guide? 7 TOPICS TO ENTER THE WORLD OF MACRAME’ & HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FAMILY ?>>> Easy & Funny Step By Step Tutorials: How to Start from Scratch | Advanced Level | 57+ Projects Ideas for Your Home? - WHY THIS BOOK CAN HELP YOUWe live in difficult times. The state of alert of this period forces us to remain locked in the house. The time we spend at home has increased but there are days that seem almost wasted. For this reason, "Macramé 7 IN 1" could help you fill your days while having fun with the family? - WHAT ARE THE DIFFICULTIES OF STAYING AT HOME ALL DAY? Boredom | You don't know what to do throughout the day.? Stress | Our mind is conditioned by this bad moment and we need a distraction.? Monotony | Lying on the sofa in front of the TV is not good for the body and mind.>>> SOLUTION ? Learn the Ancient and Precious Art of Macramé with this Simple Step By Step Guide.You can spend the day with your family and fun is guaranteed!INSIDE YOU WILL FIND THE MOST FASHIONABLE TOPICS OF MACRAME':#1 Macramé for Beginners | Start from SCRATCH to create your first projects ideas#2 Macramé Advanced | Go to the NEXT level for more advanced home ideas#3 Macramé Knots | Learn the best BASIC techniques of Macramé#4 Macramé Patterns and Projects | Crazy IDEAS for your home design#5 Macramé Bracelets | How to make LOVELY bracelets to wear or sell online#6 Macramé Wall Hanging | How to DECORATE the walls of your home with style#7 Macramé Plant Hangers Indoor | How to give a TOUCH OF GREEN to your homeWhat are you waiting for? Do you want to continue to be in front of the TV or do you want to spend time training your brain in the company of your family?Scroll up to the top of this page, find the "BUY NOW" button and hurry up to order this book!? (17 copies remain at this price and then it will go up)