Author: Brittney Joy

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Young adult fiction enjoyed by fans of Canterwood Crest, Heartland, & The Thoroughbred Series. Featured in Pony & Style Magazine and Everything Horse UK Magazine.Sixteen year old Lucy Rose is spending her first summer away from home and she has two things on her mind: an abandoned, violent horse and a blue-eyed cowboy. Only neither is hers.Lucy has never attracted much attention from boys, but she can't seem to ignore her blue-eyed co-worker, Casey Parker. A true cowboy, Lucy is fascinated by his gentle way with the horses at Red Rock Ranch. However, she is very aware that Taylor Johnson, rodeo queen extraordinaire, already has her spurs in him. And there's no crossing Taylor.. . . Not until a mysterious horse appears on the ranch and pushes Lucy and Casey together. The two are willing to do anything to save the black gelding that doesn't want a thing to do with them or the human race. But every step forward with the broken animal makes Lucy fall harder - for him and for Casey.Saddle-up with a sweet, wholesome young adult equestrian series full of first loves, friendship, and horses. Get ready for a summer packed with trail rides, horse shows, rodeo, campfires, and kisses.BOOKS IN THE RED ROCK RANCH SERIES:Lucy's Chance (book 1)Showdown (book 2)Rodeo Daze (book 3)?REVIEWS:"I enjoyed the contrasting settings of each book, from the idyllic ranch near the mountains in Lucy's Chance to the hectic and cutthroat atmosphere of a large-scale show in Showdown. Lucy's first experience in a chaotic warm-up ring made me smile as I remembered my own horse show misadventures. Brittney Joy leaves no detail untouched; I could practically smell the stall bedding and ShowSheen in the air. These books are great for young readers in need of strong characters and exciting scenes. The horse and rider interactions in the Red Rock Ranch books are much more realistic than your average starry-eyed horsey fairytale, which is refreshing. I hope to see more of Lucy, Taylor, and their equine friends in future books." --HORSE NATION BLOG"Lucy is a very down to earth, genuine, and kind hearted young woman, learning not only about her beloved world of horses, but also the complexities of human relationships and how the bond she builds with Chance can help her to overcome the trials of transition from girl to young woman. A heart-warming tale of courage, rivalry and young love." --EVERYTHING HORSE UK MAGAZINE"It's been a long time since a book swept me along as easily as Lucy's Chance. From the opening scene I found that I was turning the pages quickly, eager to see what would come next... a story that makes any horse lover long for the days when they were sixteen again." --THE EQUINE INSIDER