Author: CArry Lowe

Category: Popular Fiction

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Tyga, Angel and the crew are back along with all their drama.
Sexy and her bay are facing one of the biggest obstacles to have ever graced their relationship; her unexpected pregnancy and the fact that her rapist could be the baby’s father. Will they be able to overcome this problem or will it finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?
Delco has finally made his choice and he has chosen Daisy. But will Maria just allow them to have the happily ever after that she was supposed to have with him?
Keya is still as grimey as ever and her body count keeps getting higher. With the amount of niggas she’s giving the monster, will one of them finally take her out of her misery?
Old enemies are plotting and new enemies are lurking in the dark. Who will be left standing when this war is over?