Author: Penelope King

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The one spell that started it all…Gabriella Havish has everything a girl could want: beauty, wealth, powers, great friends, and a loving family. But there is one thing she wants above all else ... James Dalton. Too bad the sexy warlock is not only from an enemy coven, he barely knows she's alive.So Gabriella makes a deal ... and suffers the devastating consequences. She's just a girl in love, but she soon discovers that true love can't be found in a magic bottle. She has no idea that one spell will forever change the course of her destiny, and that her nightmare is just beginning.This is the story before the story…Find out what really happened to Gabriella all those years ago.***AUTHOR’S NOTE: Although the events in this novel precede the Spellbound Trilogy, it is intended to be read AFTER reading the series as it reveals many important spoilers and plot twists that will diminish the reading experience of Spellbound.****