Love When Stranded by Deb Goodman

Author: Deb Goodman

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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★★★★★ "The chemistry is great...The town and characters make you want to visit and stay for awhile." --ReviewerHe hates the very thing she loves. So why is she forced to help him?Anjali can’t stop searching.Maybe her love of travel is a misguided way of finding the father who abandoned her as a child. All roads lead back to Silver Plum, though, where she helps her tight-knit group of friends solve all their relationship problems.But Anjali doesn’t do love. Not for herself, anyway.A fact she’s reminded of when she has to work as the personal assistant to Parker, a grade-A big city jerk who’s come to set Silver Plum straight.Except Silver Plum doesn’t need fixing, and the sooner he gets that in his head, the better.*****Parker knows he’s being a jerk. What started out as a favor to a friend has ended with him being stranded in a podunk town with a broken arm and a broken ego.So, yeah, he’s on edge. And no matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to smooth things over with the beautiful yoga instructor who’s helping him out.He just needs to do his job and go home. But when a secret baby is thrown in the mix, he finds himself in a tricky situation.And with family secrets of her own, Anjali also must heal her wounds and discover the truth.Stranded together, will Parker and Anjali overcome a meddlesome rooster, town gossip, and warring beliefs to find love?
Read this sweet, small-town Christian romance with a happily ever after today!
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