Author: Rosalind Chase

Category: Popular Fiction

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?From the Bi-Writers Association Bi Writer of the Year comes this LAMBDA Award FinalistYou don’t know my name. You never will.But I was a wife. A mother. A daughter.I was a daughter of Sodom.I met my first love there. And my second. And my third.And I met my husband there."It's incredibly erotic and written like poetry, honestly. A masterpiece really." -Romantically Inclined ReviewsIn this debut erotic romance from Rosalind Chase, Lot’s wife is given a new identity and a new story. No longer an anonymous symbol of disobedience, she is a whole person. A girl who falls in love, a woman who discovers her own sexual power, a wife who ventures outside her marriage for passion, a mother who must protect her daughters and, in the end, a proud citizen of a doomed city. Every step along the way brings her closer to the moment she will make a choice. We all know how this story ends: with a backward glance and a pillar of salt. But that’s Lot’s version of the story, isn’t it?This is his wife’s.Lot’s Wife: An Erotic Retelling is a novella-length bisexual romance and it does have an HEA. This story features explicit scenes of bisexual/poly/FF love. It is also a retelling of a classic Judeo-Christian story and recasts some scenes and characters in situations some might find offensive. If you are of delicate sensibilities or are squeamish about sex or religion, you might do well to steer clear.