Author: Rembert Parker

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How can you search for oldies you want to hear when you've forgotten them? Radio doesn't play a lot of those oldies anymore, even though you would enjoy hearing them again. This book offers you access to over 150 links to YouTube videos for Lost or Forgotten Oldies as well as history about the artists and their songs. Here are some examples of the music history and trivia you'll find in Lost or Forgotten Oldies, starting with this Introduction to the series:• Doo-wop, Country, R&B, instrumentals, and novelty records that made the top forty but are now ignored by most radio stations. •A mother who paid $100 to get a demo made for her son's group. • A record that was a remake of a foxtrot instrumental from 1937. •An artist whose biggest hit was released using another singer's name. • A record inspired by a woman dancing in front of a concert stage. • A group that had the least successful charting single from the Hair. • A singer that Bill Cosby tried to blacklist. • A group that took their name from a 1967 television western. • A group that was discovered and produced by The Duke Of Earl. • Two singers who formed a group with Glen Campbell. • A song that five different artists took into the Hot 100. • A group that listened to 500 demo tapes in search of a lead singer. • A singer who played in an all-girl string quartet. Buy the book now and start reliving a past you almost completely forgot about!