Lost & Found in Thorndale by Amelia Smarts

Author: Amelia Smarts

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A steamy collection of heartwarming romances set in the old west, where the men are old-fashioned, dominant, and eager to court the feisty women of the frontier.

"Equal parts wholesome and wickedly wanton." -EPIC Romance Reviews

In the small town of Thorndale circa 1890, many people manage to survive a malaria epidemic, but the disease kills their loved ones and damages their livelihoods. These lost souls must be saved, and love is their only hope of redemption.

Bringing Trouble Home (Book 1): A wayward young woman reluctantly agrees to work for a widowed cowboy. She can only hope he's as kind as he is handsome.

When He Returns (Book 2): Two enemies must cooperate with each other after being orphaned. Can a bitter childhood rivalry evolve into true love?

Taming Tori (Book 3): A crippled, penniless cowboy softens the heart of a tart-tongued seamstress. But can their love endure a second stroke of misfortune?

Warning: Each story includes a dominant man spanking a naughty young woman and plenty of open-door love scenes. Lose yourself in Thorndale, and you will find the kind of romance that makes your heart pound and your cheeks blush.

Praise for Bringing Trouble Home
Amelia Smarts is back in the saddle again with a sweet but sexy western romance! Sparks fly as Ms. Smarts brings the old west to life in the way that only she can. This is, without a doubt, one of the best books I have read this year. -Kelly Dawson, USA Today Bestselling Author

Amelia Smarts has done it again! This book was a totally absorbing, wonderfully written historical love story. -Goodreads Reviewer

Praise for When He Returns
Amelia Smarts creates the most beautiful characters and she has the ability to let them grow and flourish right in front of our eyes. -Miss Betty's Book Reviews

Amelia Smarts has written a deeply compelling story of life in the 1800s and the power of courage, devotion, and family. -Amazon Reviewer

Praise for Taming Tori
Wonderfully balanced historical romance teeming with scintillating erotic interludes, deliciously humiliating punishments, and romance and charm galore. The author's authentic depiction of the joys and hardships of small-town life circa the late 1800s transported me to the old west. -EPIC Romance Reviews

Whew! Frank and Tori are hot stuff! If you're a fan of domestic discipline in your romances, you won't find anyone who writes them better. -Goodreads Reviewer