Author: J. T. Bishop

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Beware the Ghosts from Within

Former Texas Ranger Trick Monroe’s first case at his partner’s P.I. agency is an easy one - locate a wealthy woman’s missing brother. But his partner, Mason Redstone, a paranormal researcher and medium, is involved in his own case, and when a malicious entity follows Mason home, it complicates Trick’s investigation.When their search for the brother leads to murder, and Mason’s brother Max is accused of the crime, Mason must fight not only the malevolence in his home but also find the person responsible for framing his brother.With Mason’s sister Mikey’s help, they will seek out the suspects, but Mason’s personal battles will lead him down a destructive path, and their search for evil will reveal a shocking secret that could lead to yet another murder—one of their own.

Lost Dreams

is book two in

The Redstone Chronicles.

If you love engaging characters, a sinister whodunit, and losing sleep over a good book, then pick up

Lost Dreams

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