Author: Solomon Carter

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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"ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!" Gripping. Shocking. A page turner all the way…THEIR FRIEND WAS A COP.BUT COPS DON'T ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH.AND SOME CASES ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM...Private investigators Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley are hired by their police colleague Detective Inspector Rowntree to track down his runaway brother. It’s a sensitive case, and Rowntree doesn’t want it in the public domain.While Eva trusts the DI, Dan is sure Rowntree is hiding something. They soon uncover a connection to a sleazy South London scam. And the deeper they dig, the worse it gets. Roberts and Bradley go undercover to learn more. But their subterfuge could prove their undoing. While Eva investigates the witnesses, Dan is put under serious pressure to join the sleazy action. And an awkward situation soon becomes a matter of life or death.A high octane crime thriller packed with excitement, mystery, a hint of humour and romance.The Long Time Dying Boxed Set comprises three page turning stories pitting Roberts and Bradley against villains of every stripe - from dangerous local hard men, to London's international crime syndicates and more.Gritty, fast paced, gripping and mysterious… Long Time Dying kicks off an epic thirteen book crime series featuring dramatic cliff hangers and powerful endings to leave you wanting more.Grab your copy of the Long Time Dying boxed set now.